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Positioning & Brand Strategy (POSBRAND)

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Go from being a commodity in a crowded market to becoming a brand customers trust

The Positioning and Brand Strategy Protocol (POSBRAND) is the only Brand Strategy method that that will help you build trust with your customers faster and charge higher prices, without having to run “brand awareness campaigns” and making it all about Marketing.

This is the ONLY thing holding you back from taking market share from bigger competitors

Tired of people switching providers because they find a price cheaper than yours? Wish you had a proven, repeatable process for building trust with your customers and making them more loyal?

With this brand-new, comprehensive Brand Strategy approach, we will show you the insider secret to becoming a Brand that works consistently – from Culture to Sales, from Recruiting to Management.

This Brand Strategy protocol is for You IF...

This Brand Strategy protocol is NOT for You IF...

Sypnotic's unique blend of skills truly sets them apart in the field. Their deep understanding of human behaviour and consumer psychology allows them to craft strategies that resonate with the ideal customer. If you're looking for someone who can not only increase your brands image but also manufacture influence for you, I recommend Sypnotic. Sypnotic is not just a strategy agency; they're true masters of their craft, and I have no doubt that they will make a significant impact on your business.
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You will not find a solution like this anywhere else

We’ve already tested this solution with dozens of clients, and they all have the same thing in common: They all need to stand out in red ocean markets, but they didn’t know that what they needed was Brand Strategy.

What most people call “brand” pointing at a Marketing subset is actually a Leadership function that impacts Culture, Sales, HR and then Marketing.

At its core, Brand is Positioning – it is about standing out so that you can stop playing your competitors’ game & beat them at your own-

However, this is not a type of service you’ll find with traditional Brand agencies. If you want a strong competitive advantage, a clear market differentiator, and alignment across your entire organization, you need an approach that’s not just about colors and “awareness campaigns” – our approach.
That’s what you will find in our Positioning & Brand Strategy (POSBRAND) protocol…


More Market Share

Imagine or one of your employees speaks at an event. Your ideal client hears the speech, and the content convinces them that they need your company’s services.
The next day, your ideal client goes to Google, finds your company & three more competitors… but, just like your employee’s speech, your website doesn’t tell prospects why they should choose you. Why your company is the right choice.
So your ideal customer picks the more established competitor. The one that’s been in the market longer – you lost an ideal client because you had no Brand Strategy.

However, POSBRAND is not just Positioning & Brand Strategy. What’s unique about POSBRAND is how we combine it with Business Strategy, starting the process not just by the core truth of who your company is, but also by unifying your company’s Value Proposition and discovering your competitive advantage in the market.

With our system in place, your business will finally have the differentiation & roadmap to begin taking market share from your competitors.

More Revenue

Not only will POSBRAND give you more market share but it will give increase your revenue too! The system we will implement does this in two ways:

1.By identifying, targeting and influencing your ideal customer

2.By turning your business into a consistent brand that builds trust with that ideal customer.

Trust is the foundation of all businesses, in all industries – and we have mechanisms to build it.

Easier Sales

As you can see, this is a progression – more Differentiation leads to more Market Share, which turns into more clients, leading to more trust in the market and more Revenue.

As your company builds more trusts and establishes its name as a reliable, effective player thanks to POSBRAND, you will also notice a third effect:

Your name will weigh more in the industry. It will mean something to customers, and it will make your sales easier. 

Just think about it: If you become an established name, and other companies in your ideal customer’s network praised your services, how easy do you think it will be to work with that client?

Lack of a good, growing reputation that makes sales easier is a frustration we’ve seen even in companies with over 1000 employees. They waste hundreds of thousands in events, authority content and “brand awareness campaign.”

Now you can finally fall back on a system that puts that on autopilot. 

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Positioning and Brand Strategy (POSBRAND)

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