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All businesses start with an idea.
A small, united team of people solving a problem.

There comes a point in the life of all businesses where they reach a sweet spot. Where the idea became reality and the small team became a company.
And yet, at peak potential, most companies find their breaking point.

The name of that breaking point is painfully average. That’s what most companies are.
That’s where they stop.

You see it in how they begin working in siloes.
You feel it in the clashes between Sales and Marketing.
You touch it when shareholder value overtakes fulfillment, just to come crashing down. You hear it when units asks for budget, just for budget to end up somewhat evenly distributed.

It’s in the sound of a closing door when yet another disgruntled team member leaves. It’s in everyone’s eyes when consultants get brought in and layoffs begin.
It’s in the bad aftertaste of a declining product.

All businesses start with an idea and end with lack of connection.

The connection of Management to Employees. The connection of Strategy to Execution.
The connection to the Customer.

A business is like a brain.
Its connections, they’re the synapses.
And when connection is lost we come in and build the adaptors.

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