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Go from losing Senior talent to retaining and nurturing top recruits

CULTOP, the Culture Transformation Operation is the only service that will help you stop churning your most valuable asset, without having to worry about how to introduce even more benefits.

This is the ONLY thing holding you back from employees that stay and recommend your company to their network

Tired of seeing people leave after you invested years into their experience? Wish you had a proven, repeatable process to have a culture that makes employees care about working at your company? In this our brand-new, comprehensive CULTOP program we will show you the key to creating engaged teams that stay engaged.

This Cultural Transformation Operation is for You IF...

This Cultural Transformation Operation is NOT for You IF...

As a Marketing Director, I know the importance of investing your time and money in the right services. And that's why I'm telling you that with Sypnotic, you'll make the right choice. Working with them has been incredibly inspiring. So stop overthinking. Work with Seb. You won't regret it.
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Davide Giannotti
Marketing Director

You will not find a solution like this anywhere else

Before putting this out in the market, we tested this solution internally with our current clients – and we kept it under wraps until we saw the results

But now that it’s tested, and now that we made sure there is nothing like it on the market, we’ve decided to make it part of our standard portfolio.

As an executive, we know you have a lot on your plate. From making sure the pipeline keeps growing and dealing with bureaucracy daily, to making sure employees are satisfied, it’s extremely difficult to keep everything under control.

You could call in companies like McKinsey to help you, but the truth is, those agencies come in and businesses get “McKinsey-ed” (= people get laid off). They were not designed to help you with this. If you want your company to be better at innovation, to retain senior talent longer, and to train the next generation of recruits, you need a customized plan, not a cookie-cutter solution or the advice to get rid of people.
That’s why we are now making the solutions available in our CULTOP consulting partnership


Less Turnover

We know – this is the basic promise of every culture transformation programs. However, professionals never don’t do the basic and CULTOP did it for our customers.

What’s unique about CULTOP is that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all tactic we deploy every time. It is a series of best practices that get tailored to your company’s unique DNA, and that are based around the best scientific literature on what makes successful groups tick

With this system in place, your business will finally have the identity & foundation to finally stop churning employees.

More Employee Productivity

Not only will CULTOP decrease your turnover, but it will increase your employee productivity too! The system we will implement does this in two ways:

1.By giving your teams a sense of purpose – a feeling that their work matters and they are working together towards a shared goal.

2.By assessing your Middle Managenent and making sure they are championing culture the right way.

Easier Recruiting

The skills we will transfer onto your business with CULTOP are a lot using a screwdriver – once you learn how to use it, you can mount all kinds of things with it.

Since we started working with companies, we noticed how not just turnover decreased, but it was easier to attract talent that was the best fit for the company. Now you can finally fall back on a system that works.

No matter what happens, you’ll always know how to recruit the right people and keep them longer. And no one can take that knowledge away from you. 

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Culture Transformation Operation (CULTOP)

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