From Ford to Ferrari [F2F]


Go from not getting noticed and not being able to charge higher prices to recognized, profitable authority

From Ford to Ferrari (F2F)” is the first and only consulting program for creators.

It will help you charge higher prices and stop overthinking your content and your offer, without having to wait for months to get clarity – which happens often in your average coaching programs.

The timeline?
Just one month.

Sebastian is a master of branding. He clearly is super experienced in the space and knows how to craft a brand from 0 to well developed. So happy I’ve met and am working with him!

This is the ONLY thing holding you back from standing out in today's hyper-competitive Creator Economy.

Tired of posting a lot, getting some traction but not knowing what to offer, or not getting paid enough for your services?
Tired of people choosing to work with other creators that have a bigger following than you?

Wish you had a proven, repeatable process for becoming an authority, and to stop pivoting every few months?

In this brand-new, comprehensive consulting program, I will show you the insider key to standing out in any saturated niche…consistently.

F2F is for You IF...

Working with Sebastian has been a game-changer. Working with him, my goal was to turn my big audience into an engaged group that shares similar values. Sebastian's commitment to integrity and action not only resonated with my values but also effectively contributed to making my vision a reality: Helping people find freedom through a community that shows people the blueprint to find their own path to freedom. That allows them to decide how they spend their time. That community now exists and is one of the fastest growing on Skool.

Sebastian’s expertise in strategy has empowered me to lead a thriving community, inspire loyalty, and achieve our collective goals. His guidance has been invaluable, making him a partner in my journey toward success.

F2F is NOT for You IF...

Working with Sebastian has had me ask the same question of myself repeatedly: “Why didn’t I do this sooner?!”

It took less than 45 minutes in our first call for Sebastian to help me make a connection in my strategy that I had been working to make for the last 7 months.

Before we started working together, I was forecasting my revenue to sit around $6-8k MRR. With Sebastian’s insights and this new strategy?

We’ve worked out that I will be able to comfortably earn $6-8k per client
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James Tollefson
Creative Consultant

You will not find a solution like this anywhere else

I’ve tested the From Ford to Ferrari (F2F) consulting program with dozens of clients.

As a Creator you have a lot on your plate, and everyone is giving you conflicting information.

You have to think about: content, making offers, being relatable, delivering for your customers, doing outreach, building authority… and on top of that, you have a personal life. And people that built their accounts in 2020-2021 give you conflicting, outdated advice.

Even if you sign up for a coaching program, it may take months before you see any result.

The truth is, most offers out there are meant to just make money from you. Most of the good ones, I will recommend to you myself during our work together.

If you want to know exactly what to offer and how to offer. If you want to charge more for it. If you want clarity on your brand and how to grow it. If you want to be serious about your brand, then From Ford To Ferrari (F2F) is for you,



Offer Mastery

I know – everyone promises this. however, this is exactly what “From Ford To Ferrari (F2F)” did for my customers.

What’s unique about F2F is that you’re getting the wisdom of 8 years of business experience, and the advice of someone who has helped both companies and influencers craft the perfect positioning. This not only provides you with a clear-cut offer, but also with complete clarity on how to present it.

With this system in place, your brand will finally have what it takes to go from now sure about how to present your offer, to complete certainty about your direction.

More Freedom

Do you know how everyone tells you to be a “reply guy” on social media? And coincidentally those telling you that are accounts that benefit from you engaging with them?

Not only will F2F give you Offer Mastery but it will give you the freedom to focus on what generates money instead of spending your entire day commenting behind your screen, instead of having a life.


The skills and frameworks you will learn in F2F are effective across all social media platforms.

These frameworks go beyond trends, niches and tricks – they just work.

The Content Tree™

The Content Tree™ is my proprietary framework to turn one concept into 3, 6, 9 or even 12 sub-ideas you can turn into content.

Thanks to the Content Tree™, you will never again have to second-guess what to create, when or why.

More Possibilities

The skills I will transfer onto your business with the F2F are like riding a bike – once you learn it, you know them forever.

While social media is full of “coaches” trying to get you into overpriced monthly retainers, and while I do coach a selected few on a regular basis, I created F2F to be a one-time deal.

You work with me, and you’ll get my full service in just one month.

And if you need a coach to help you with a specific skillset afterwards, someone to build your website, or design your assets?
Then I will personally introduce you to the best in the game – those who I know for a fact will not scam you.

Crisis Management

How many creators have you seen go viral for the wrong reasons?
And how many of those have handled it properly?

When internet mobs come after you, things can get pretty icky. And if you get too involved and let them get reactions out of you… you’ll lose.

From Ford To Ferrari” is the only program online that will provide you with a Crisis Management framework to protect your reputation.

The F2F Overview





From Ford To Ferrari [F2F]

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