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Force Multipliers & Growth Program (FOMGROP)

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Go from just another face in the market to undeniable player with a clear competitive advantage.

The Force Multipliers & Growth Program (FOMGROP) is the only consulting service that will help you uncover your company’s competitive edge & communicate it to your customers, without having to go through endless months, or even years, of internal debate about “what does our company actually do?”.

This is the ONLY thing holding you back from being a market leader

Tired of customers and employees, and perhaps even fellow Management members not knowing what’s the unique way your company generates value in the market?
Wish you had a proven, repeatable framework to assign budget based on what’s more relevant for business success, rather than having to always divide it equally between all your business units?

In this consulting partnership we will show you the roadmap towards achieving a competitive advantage that impacts the entire company, from Management & Finance to Sales & Recruiting.

This Consulting Partnership is for You IF...

This Consulting Partnership is NOT for You IF...

This is the kind of strategy that will impact your business as a whole, bringing clarity to prospects and inner clients, and leading to revenue growth and differentiation.
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María E. Chapero
ex. Marketing Managert at BOSCH

You will not find a solution like this anywhere else

This is the only approach that combines, in one service, Business Strategy, Communications Strategy & real-world execution.

We developed it because we know that, as an Executive, you have a lot on your plate. From putting out daily fires to frequent budget conversations and team management, it’s extremely difficult to keep everything under control.

The truth is, if you went to other providers to get this same level of service, you would have to hire at least 2 agencies that would still fail to bring everything together under one single strategic direction.
If you want employees that turn into advocates, more customers that better fit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and a Value Proposition that puts you ahead in the market – the Force Multipliers & Growth Program (FOMGROP) was meant for you.


A Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Many companies build their competitive advantage around a technology, or a skill that others can copy and leverage.

For example, think of all the companies that rose when ChatGPT got introduced, using the OpenAI chatbot to provide services to clients… just to fall when the ChatGPT API became available, allowing those same clients to get rid of their previous providers. 

What’s unique about the Force Multipliers & Growth Program (FOMGROP) is that it will provide you with a sustainable competitive advantage built around the things you do best – around the skillsets and best practices that make up the DNA of your company.

This not only provides you with a clear Value Proposition, but also with new approaches to your Sales interactions, your Budget activities, and even your Marketing initiatives.

More Financial Effectiveness

We mentioned budget activities. Here’s how it works. The system we will implement makes your Finance-related tasks easier in three ways:

1.By making your business operations revolve around your unique strengths, we enable budgeting and structural organization around those – preventing you from spending in initiatives that don’t contribute to maintaining or developing your competitive advantage

2.By using this newfound budget allocation method to become more cost efficient, finally saying goodbye to all activities that burden your company instead of pushing it forward

3. By making you more agile & proactive: Instead of spending budget under the pressure of chasing an external trends, operating with your strengths as the baseline will allow you to adapt the trend to your business rather than the other way around.

More Clarity

If you’ve ever been in a post-M&A company or Management Team, you know very well the value of clarity.

In our daily practice, we’ve noticed how lack of clarity would lead to months worth of delay for decisions that would’ve been otherwise easy to make.

Lack of clarity leads to lack of alignment – which means more conflict. And, in daily practice, it leads to confusion: Your employees don’t know what the company stands for, which means that your marketing and sales team don’t know it either:

Ultimately, not even your clients understand what you do – which means you can’t attach a high value to it

With the FOMGRO Program you can finally fall back on a system that works. No matter what happens, you’ll always know how to communicate your value both externally and internally. 

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Force Multipliers and Growth Program (FOMGROP)

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