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A Company’s Business Strategy Is NOT Likely To Include

The Basics

28 May 2024

A Company’s Business Strategy Is Not Likely To Include These 3 Things

As we established in our article about what strategy is, the main reason to adopt a business strategy is that the vast majority of your competitors still doesn’t have one – but what are the things a company’s business strategy is not likely to include?
Unique Value Proposition

The Basics, Tactical Frameworks

15 May 2024

Unique Value Proposition vs Unique Selling Proposition: The #1 Answer

what is strategy

Strategy, The Basics

8 May 2024

What Is Strategy & Why 90% Fail At It

What is strategy? Probably one of the less understood yet most important realms of business. Yet most mistake it for planning. But that won't be you.
Brand Strategy vs Marketing Strategy | Sypnotic

The Basics

1 May 2024

Brand Strategy vs Marketing Strategy | Answered in 3 minutes

The Brand Strategy vs Marketing Strategy debate seems to never end – but the answer is here. And spoiler: Marketing Strategy isn't real.

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An easy to grasp deep dive on the concept of Positioning

Our founders not only believe in founder-driven Research, which is why all papers you see on this site are written by them.

They also believe in putting their money where their mouth is: “Are You Ford or Ferrari?” is exactly that – Sebastian Hidalgo’s positioning guide for executives & business owners.

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