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Influencing 300.000 people | Partnership with Legacy Builder

When you look to a social media personality at the pinnacle of its following, you’re always temped to think they “have it all figured out.” After all, they managed to build an audience, people listen to them, and they’re a massive business player, right?

That’s true… to some extent.
Big players will always need to pivot.
A successful business owner with a big audience is not different from you: When you reach new heights, you have new goals and that means that the requirements to attain them won’t be the same that took you where you’re at.

This is the story of Clifton Sellers, aka Legacy Builder, and how together we will disrupt the “Creator Economy.”

Who is Legacy Builder?

Clifton Sellers owns a thriving ghostwriting agency he took from 0 to over half a million in revenue in less than a year.
They help people build brands that leave a legacy. With 340.000 followers, Clifton is not just a social media phenom but also somebody many look up to in his space, both for his work ethic and his rags-to-riches story… and yet he wanted more.

Not necessarily more money though: More impact.
Serving personal brands and landing high-ticket clients is satisfying, but Legacy Builder (or LB, as most people call him on Twitter) has a higher purpose to serve.

Competing with giants

Clifton used to have a normal job with a normal boss that demanded a lot, didn’t give him a sense of purpose, and kept him away from what he values the most: His wife and children. Armed with the will to overcome this situation, he built the agency and account everyone’s talking about on Twitter.

What truly fulfils him, however, is not the idea of having broke free from his job: It’s the thought of helping others do the same – and here’s where I see an objection coming: “Isn’t this what Justin Welsh and Dan Koe do?”

Yes and no.
You see, Dan Koe inspires people.
Justin Welsh shows them a way, yet most people just want to replicate what he does.
All your average social media business gurus? Same thing – they show their audiences one path and that’s it.

Legacy Builder is different.
He helps people achieve their much-needed independence and freedom using their own unique skills.
He teaches them what it takes, no matter how low your starting point its. And that’s, in my opinion, invaluable.


I cannot reveal much about our Legacy Builder partnership.
However, what I can tell you is this: Once a person the caliber of Clifton masters his brand, he starts controlling the narrative around his persona like no other. And this will lead to a massive growth of his audience and business.

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