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Strategic Command Workshop

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Stop hesitating about how to position your company in the market. Start being certain, deliberate and effective

The Strategic Command Workshop is the only workshop that will give you clarity on Positioning, Differentiation and Competitive Advantages in ONLY 3 hours, without having to sit through junk content and jargon.

* Due to high demand, workshop sessions need to be booked at least 2 months in advance. This button will redirect you to an application form.

This is the ONLY thing holding you back from pure Clarity about your business..

Tired of not knowing what makes you stand out from competitors? Wish you had a proven, repeatable process for communicating your competitive advantage to your customers?

In this comprehensive workshop we will show you the insider secret to understanding business strategy like an industry professional… so that you can turn it into execution.

This Strategic Command Workshop is for You IF...

This Strategic Command Workshop is NOT for You IF...

The Workshop provided a well-crafted deep dive into Strategy and an overview of important adjacent disciplines. It helped us tremendously in shaping our companies core values and our go-to-market, positioning and branding strategy.
Sypnotic | Philipp Redlinger Testimonial
Philipp Redlinger
CEO, Embrace AI

This is the only workshop of this kind

We’ve been running this workshop for almost a year, benefitting of dozens of executives and business owners,

We understand that your time is limited, and that you don’t have 3 hours to waste on a workshop that will leave you no better than before you joined. 

The truth is, most workshops are not designed to help you turn information into execution. However, if you want to understand the secrets of Positioning, to improve your go-to-market strategy, and to become a company people want to buy from, this is the last workshop you’ll need.


Finding Your “Right to Win”

Do you have the right to win in your market? What is the right to win, and how do you find the kind of competitive advantage that will help you get there?

What’s unique about the Strategic Command Workshop is that we don’t just teach you abstract information. We will provide you with key information you will need to understand how market-leading companies earned their top spot.


The bar to opening a business is getting lower and lower. On top of that, you are now competing with players from all over the world trying to reach both your local and international clients.

The solution? Differentiation.

If you don’t stand out from competitors, all the advertising and promotion efforts you do are actually helping your competitors sell.

The Strategic Command Workshop will teach you how to stand out in the current market, so that you can keep growing regardless of how many people show up in your field.


Ever felt like “brand awareness” campaigns don’t work as they should? Do people within your company not see the point of investing in Marketing?

Or perhaps have you noticed that your Sales and Marketing teams work separately?

The problem is that everyone in your company is thinking about their job, and not thinking about the one person that would make their job easier: The Customer.

The Strategic Command Workshop will teach you how to develop a framework that appeals to your ideal customers, and that aligns Sales and Marketing around customer needs, pain points and desires.

* Due to high demand, workshop sessions need to be booked at least 2 months in advance. This button will redirect you to an application form.

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Strategic Command Workshop

Here's What You're Getting

Ever watched a firework show? That’s what the workshop was like. They dropped gold about for me and 60 students. Archetypes, authentic alter ego, brand strategy, they will make your head spin. Would recommend to anyone without hesitation.
Sypnotic | Glenn Spearman Testimonial
Glenn Spearman
Founder, Growth Army Community
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